Green light Dating apps

Greenlight is mobile dating app using geo- location to revolutionize the way that people find a partner. Users can choose: RED: No Match YELLOW: Match GREEN: Strong Match Technologies Used: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery.


Boldstream Platform

Boldstream was created as the world’s first, truly interactive, two way streaming media platform. Everything is interactive, in real time: the video, audio, advertisements, and social communications. For live shows and especially reality shows, this means the audience can have a stake in the show. Technologies Used: Jquery, Amazon S3, JavaScript, AWSCognito, NodeJS  


BossHoss Apps

The BossHoss is a band from Berlin which started in 2004 with Country & Western style cover versions of famous pop, rock and hip hop songs. In this application you can find all lyrics of artist. You can favorite songs easily. And display on favorites list. Technologies Used: Woocommerce, WordPress, Yoast plugins, RSS feeds, Jquery



Starting with searching for eating places, to getting directions, to ordering and paying for food, Empire goes on to provide a marketplace for restaurants, bars, cafes etc., a built-in social network for foodies to share their latest finds, reviews and ratings, seamless payments, city guides, the list just goes on. Technologies Used: Cloud-based RESTful Web[…]